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We are simply the best carpet cleaners in Miami Beach and its surroundings, based on the customers’ reviews we have received over the years. We do not take this for granted. We are perfectly aware that these customers had other options, and that is why we are committed to maintaining quality carpet cleaning at all times. As a locally owned and operated carpet cleaning company, we aim at giving our customers the best, knowing that offering the best leads to a happy and satisfied community.
We are not only known for our professional carpet cleaning services but also for the unique technologies that we apply in our work. We use hot water extraction, the best-known method in cleaning and removing dirt from carpets. Hot water extraction involves using water that is hot enough to clean deeply and effectively as well as eliminating all the pet stains and disease causing micro-organisms. Carpet makers recommend this method as it is effective in stain removal and at the same time leaves the carpet intact, avoiding shrinkage and other damages.
Value for money
Our carpet cleaning in Miami Beach is geared towards offering our customers value for their money. We have designed our services in such a way that we deliver the best quality, while also ensuring that we remain as affordable as possible. As a customer you will know exactly what you are supposed to pay for the services even before we start the work. We analyze what needs to be done and give you a quote. It is from this price that you make a decision on whether to use our services. With us, you are assured of value for money as well as services that satisfy and even surpass the expectations.

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Our aim is to provide our customers in Miami Beach with a service that meets their needs and also guarantees them value for their money. We guarantee you a healthy home, one that is free of allergens. You can never go wrong with Eco Professional Restoration, the best carpet cleaning service provider in Miami Beach.
Pet friendly
As Miami Beach Carpet cleaning service provider, we understand how hard it can be when it comes to dealing with pet mess on your carpet, which is exactly why we are here to help you deal with it. We are not only interested in helping clear the mess, but we also ensure that we do it in a manner that is pet friendly. We use products that won’t harm the pet or any other members of your family.
How does it work?
With our carpet cleaning services, the process is simple and detailed. When you give us a call in Miami Beach, we will gladly answer and try as much as possible to give you the answers you need right away. Our team of professional Cleaning Technicians will address any concerns and ensure that you are satisfied. Once we understand what kind of cleaning your carpet needs, we will give you a quote. Our technicians will come to your location, where further analysis may be done to ensure that nothing is missed in the process. With this kind of analysis, we are able to make a decision on how the process should be carried out.

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