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ECO Professional Restoration is one of the best carpet cleaning service providers in Fort Lauderdale. It’s known for its thorough cleaning and use of products that are safe to the environment. We recommend that you entrust your carpet cleaning in Fort Lauderdale to ECO Professional Restoration, place where you are guaranteed of satisfaction and great value for your money.
Experts recommend that professional carpet cleaning can be done at least two times a year. The following are the steps that ECO Professional Restoration takes in the process of cleaning your carpet.
Here the carpet cleaning technicians  will walk into your office or home and check on a number of factors to help determine the work that needs to be done as well as if there are any items that need to be moved before getting started. Once this is done, the carpet cleaning technician will identify and select the appropriate carpet cleaning formula which mostly depends on the type of carpet you have. For Eco Professional Restoration, we use hot water extraction, a technique that is known for effective cleaning and removal of pet stains.
Pre spraying
The cleaner will apply the soil lifting technique to all the places that need to be cleaned. A cleaning technique should break down all the particulars including dirt, oils and others. Once loosened, they can be rinsed away and extracted using carpet cleaning equipment.
Here it is recommended that an antimicrobial or sanitizer is used; it assists in eliminating odors, leaving the carpet clean and fresh.
Remove the furniture
This will help create enough space to allow cleaning of the carpets in all the corners

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Hot water extraction and rinsing
Once the pre-spray has been on for enough time, it will be time to extract the carpet using the steam cleaning method or the hot water extraction. Then it’s rinsed in order to leave the carpet residue free and prevent more stains for as long as possible. The high-powered machine allows quick rinsing and faster drying by using the truck mounted drying system.
Post-spot treatment
Even after the treatment, there may be some spots that remain on the carpet, but the carpet cleaner will ensure that these are treated and removed.
Application of carpet protections
This is mainly done to carpets which are in good shape; it helps the carpet to last longer.
This last step ensures that the whole process has been thoroughly done. It is carried out to ensure that all the spots and strains have been well cleaned. The professional carpet cleaners will make suggestions to carry out a thorough job and make the process safer and efficient.
Following these steps ensures that ECO Professional Restoration gives customers carpet cleaning service that satisfies.

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